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“Language is at the service of human interaction” (Everett, 2019).


“Language is at the service of human interaction” (Everett, 2019).

The Brazilian Fluency Institute-IBF aims to enhance human interaction between people, especially among those with fluency disorders and those who seek more and more knowledge to improve this interaction.

To qualify this path, we created the IBF Technical Advisory Council with the precious and invaluable expertise of Dr. Gerald Maguire, from the University of California-Riverside, Dr. J. Scott Yaruss, from the Michigan State University, Gonçalo Leal, Co-founder and CEO of Speechcare / Centro Tratamiento de Tartamudez de Portugal, and Ignês Maia Ribeiro, co-founder and former president of The IBF.

We also present the Board just elected for the 2020-2022 biennial:

Anelise Junqueira Bohnen, President

Sandra Merlo, Vice President

Mirela Pollini Caputo, Treasurer

Eliana Nigro Rocha, Scientific Director

Astrid Mühle Moreira Ferreira, Clinical Director

Ignês Maia Ribeiro, Educational Director

Divanir Marquezi, Executive Secretary

Cristiane Moço Canhetti Oliveira, IBF-Educ Course Coordinator.

A beautiful and productive 2021 for everyone!