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Stuttering Prevented

Capa do livro Stuttering Prevented

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Stuttering Prevented

William H. Perkins, Singular Publishing Group, 1992.

Maiores informações.

Who Stutters and Who Doesn’t
What Is Stuttering?
-- Short Answers
---- Why Stutter?
---- Why Become a Stutterer?

Section I: Causes
What Causes Stuttering?
-- Why Is Speech Disrupted?
-- Why Try to Speak When We Can’t?
-- Why Lose Control?
---- Conflict
What Causes Stutterers?
-- Stuttering vs. Stutterer
-- Stuttering Is Not What It Seems
-- Pay-Offs
-- Explaining the Unexplained

Section II: Stuttering Prevented
Preventing Stuttering
Insecurity and Shyness
-- Infancy
-- Older Childhood
-- How Parents Can Help

Section III: Stuttering Stopped
What Should Be Stopped and What Shouldn’t
Stopping Stuttering
-- Guide to Strategies
-- Who Will Recover Without Help?
---- Strategy 1: Help Outgrow Stuttering
-- Who Will Need Help?
---- Strategy 2: Reduce Excitement Effects
---- Strategy 3: Reduce Family Pressure Effects

Section IV: Stutterer Prevented
Stutterer Characteristics
-- Descriptions
---- Difficulty with Assertiveness
---- Attention When Stuttering
---- Insecurity
---- Self-Image of the Stutterer
---- Shyness
---- Frustration or Helplessness
---- Throat, Mouth, or Chest Tightening
---- Avoidance and Substitution
---- Has Relative Who Stutters
---- Hesitant to Speak Out
---- Unsuccessful in Competition
Guide to Strategies
Stutterer Prevention Strategies
-- Strategy 4: Stop Linguistic Stuttering
---- Example
---- Procedure
-- Strategy 5: Stop Assertiveness-Conflict Stuttering
---- Example
---- Procedure
-- Strategy 6: Prevent Addictive Pay-Offs
---- Example
---- General Strategy
---- Preschool Children
---- School Children
---- Stop Stuttering to Prevent Stutterer

Section V: Professional Help
Types of Professional Help
Fluency-Management and Counseling Therapies
Stuttering-Management and Counseling Therapies
Self-Help Groups
Finding Professional Help

Section VI: Appendix
Family Intervention in Stuttering Therapy