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Capa do livro Stuttering

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Joseph Kalinowski & Tim Saltuklaroglu, Plural Publishing, 2005.

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• Preface

• Section I. Nature of Stuttering
- Introduction
- Stuttering and the Person Who Stutters
- Defining Stuttering, Assessing the Impact of Stuttering and Evaluating Therapeutic Changes
- Contemporary Methods of Treating Stuttering

• Section II. Inhibition of Stuttering
- Inhibition of Stuttering, Speech Gestures, and Mirror Systems
- Sensory Inhibition: Choral Speech, AAF Second Speech Signals
- Motoric Inhibition: Therapy Techniques, Singing, Whispering Stuttering, Pseudostuttering
- Therapy Provision: Combining Techniques for Maximum Inhibition: Available Options for Functional Stuttering Inhibition
- Case Studies: Using a Complete Toolbox to Provide Optimal Therapy for Children and Adults

• Index