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Cluttering: A Clinical Perspective

Capa do livro Cluttering: A Clinical Perspective

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Cluttering: A Clinical Perspective

Florence L. Myers & Kenneth O. St. Louis (Editors), Far Communication Disorders Series, Singular Publishing Group, 1996 (incorretamente datado como 1986).

Chapter 1: Cluttering: Issues and Controversies (Florence L. Myers & Kenneth O. St. Louis)
Chapter 2: Professional Awareness of Cluttering (Kenneth O. St. Louis & Lena Rustin)
Chapter 3: On Defining Cluttering (Kenneth O. St. Louis)
Chapter 4: Cluttering and Stuttering: Related, Different or Antagonist Disorders? (Alf Preus)
Chapter 5: Cluttering: A Synergistic Framework (Florence L. Myers)
Chapter 6: Clinical Management of Cluttering from a Synergistic Framework (Florence L. Myers & Claire L. Bradley)
Chapter 7: Helping the Clutterer: Therapy Considerations (David A. Daly)

Os autores gentilmente disponibilizam o livro para os interessados. O download do livro pode ser realizado pelo site da International Cluttering Association (ICA): The ICA Library.