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Análise e Modelamento Prosódicos da Fala

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Análise e Modelamento Prosódicos da Fala

Plínio Almeida Barbosa (org), Cadernos de Estudos Lingüísticos 43, 2002.

Maiores informações.

1. Temporal organization of speech utterance: a C/D model perspective (Osamu Fujimura)
2. Learning the hidden structure of speech: from communicative functions to prosody (Gerárd Bailly & Bleike Holm)
3. Entraining speech with speech and metronomes (Fred Cummins)
4. Explaining Brazilian Portuguese resistance to stress shift with a coupled-oscillator model of speech rhythm production (Plínio A. Barbosa)
5. How long is a stress group? (Michael O’Dell & Tommi Nieminen)
6. An acoustic study of phonological phrases containing sequences of words with adjacent primary-stressed syllables: does stress shift occur in Brazilian Portuguese?
7. Considerations on some aspects of the relationship between intrinsic and extrinsic time in two 4-year-old-children’s and one adult’s speech for duration in Brazilian Portuguese (Aglael J. A. Gama-Rossi)