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  • Asociación Iberoamericana de la Tartamudez - Nosotros los Tartamudos


  • European League of Stuttering Associations (ELSA)


  • International Fluency Association
    Dedicated to research, understanding and treatment for disorders of fluency


  • International Stuttering Association (ISA)
    A world that understands Stuttering


  • The Israel Stuttering Association (AMBI)


  • National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)
    Improving the lives of people who have communication disorders


  • Speak Easy South Africa
    Run by people who stutter for people who stutter


  • Speech Easy
    A True Fluency Device


  • Stuttering Foundation of China


  • The American Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Professional Training
    Freeing voices. Changing lives.


  • The British Stammering Association (BSA)


  • The Canadian Stuttering Association (CSA)
    Supporting people who stutter and their families


  • The German Stuttering Association
    Who We Are and What We Do


  • The National Stuttering Association


  • The Stuttering Brain
    Sharing with you the on-going revolution in the understanding of Persistent Developmental Stuttering.


  • The Stuttering Foundation of America
    Since 1947 - A Nonprofit organization helping those who stutter


  • The Stuttering Home Page

  • Portugal


    "Instituto Brasileiro de Fluência - IBF" 
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